I was born amidst the never-ending frenzy of content in modern day Japan.

Spending my days distraught, I looked to the Internet for an oasis, and reconnected with my roots.

But instead of continuing the lineage from whence I came, I chose a novel path.

My path is one of continuous change and transformation.

My coding experiments lead to unforeseen discoveries.

My online evolution knows no boundaries.


As Gen Art evolves

So will our new Culture of Composition.

This is Metaflat.



Patterns emerge out of the haphazardness of Generative Art, inciting in us feelings of infinite possibilities. Kumaleon celebrates the diversity of online identity, and by projecting our own identities onto it, we too, can evolve into whatever we desire.

Generative Art

It refers to a piece of art created by an algorithm that is generated by code. In the process, it sometimes involves programs that intentionally create haphazardness. Because it is generated by the program, producing multiple editions or incorporating outside information in real-time are possible.



You needn't limit yourself. Even at this moment,
you can evolve into whatever you desire.

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