Creatures that change under curiosity

The nameless creature shrouded in Generative Art first appeared online with Okazz in 2020. Its defining characteristic is the continually changing Generative Art body. A bear who can change colors like a chameleon, it’s full of curiousity and joy.


Full of curiousity and joy, it looks forward to new challenges, ways to channel his creativity, and making likeminded friends. It loves Generative Art and loves the way Art can change colors and texture over the course of time. As such, it too can change its body, usually in line with its surroundings.


It’s about the importance of being open minded. With creativity, there is no right or wrong: only fun and dull. Go where your creativity takes you, and enjoy the journey. Be playful. Having fun is everything. ᵔᴥᵔ ♡


Generative Art isn’t the only thing that KUMALEON enjoys. All artistic endeavors ranging from creative coding, illustrations, music and videography are its obsessions. Always looking for new ways of expression, KUMALEON’s curiosity fuels its ever continuing online evolution.


You needn’t be bound by anything. Freely imagine, freely create, and enjoy the journey. Rather than chase perfection, let’s chase joy. Let KUMALEON be the canvas onto which you release your creativity. This freedom is what KUMALEON is all about.


KUMALEON loves those who think creatively, and finds immense joy in moments of pleasant surprise. Taking after this spirit, let’s inspire each other to push our creative boundaries, and continue to surprise the world. We provide the platform, and you bring your creative self.


Online identity swifts from one to another and changes daily. The algorithmically generated patterns of Generative Art represents diversity and character.

One’s inner diversity can now thrive online. Whether one is happy, sad, singing, working out, learning, or spending time with family and loved ones, one’s character is defined by the wide ranges of what “self” entails. That is inner diversity. KUMALEON celebrates the infinite possibilities of inner diversity and expresses its inner beauty through Generative Art.



You needn't limit yourself. Even at this moment,
you can evolve into whatever you desire.

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